Board of Directors

Position Name Email
President Phil Godorov
President Elect Abe Ferdas
Vice President for Finance Stan Shumas
Vice President for External Affairs Ron Ettinger
Media Director Dave Neidorf
Vice President for Operations Dave Schwarz
Vice President for Communications Randy Acorcey
Vice President for Religious Affairs Jay Sternchos
Director of Marketing Gary Sternberg
Membership Director Rob Levine
Director - Recording Secretary Len Berman
At Large Dick Knopf
At Large Lee Yasgur
At Large Nelson Mellitz
Immediate Past President Ed Stein
Past President Marty Raffner
Past President Mike Perloff
Past President Dave Wynne
Past President Rich Moskowitz
Past President Bob Greenberg
Past President Don Weisenstein
Past President Ed Silver
Past President Jerry Mitzner